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Project title: Establishing a regional environment education network in cooperation with national partners and covering five Asian countries

Implementing organization: NPO Corporation Partnership Center, Japan


Earth colleges' network to promote living in harmony with nature in five 
Asian countries

 Building on its experience in promoting environmental education in Asian 
 developing countries,NPO Corporation Partnership Center has launched a pioneering
 initiative to link six river side communities in Japan, South Korea, China, 
 Mongolia and Myanmar in a practical education endeavour that will support Japan's 
 commitment to global sustainable development. 

 The project, approved by Japan’s Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
 (ERCA), will set up a network of Earth Colleges in environmentally-sensitive river 
 basin areas in the five countries in collaboration with national and international 
 partners. The Earth Colleges will promote public awareness of the importance of 
 living in harmony with nature, focusing on the role of rivers in the well-being of 
 local communities living near them. A series of public hearings in the project 
 areas will help develop the curricula of the Earth Colleges.

Project areas/Partners
 Japan: Asuwa River basin, linking Fukui-shi to the Sea of Japan.
     NPO Corporation Partnership Center

 China: (a) Hangchou Yangzi Jiang River delta connecting the Qiantang Jiang river
       with the East China Sea.
     (b) Inner Mongolia region in the middle course of the Yellow River which 
       flows to the Bohai Sea. 
Partners: (a) Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign
       Countries and Zhejiang Green Environment Conservation Association
     (b) Preparatory committee for establishing the Eco-school 

Mongolia: Oruhon River flowing north into Lake) Baikal in Russia.
 Partner: NPO Forester

South Korea: Hann River, flowing through Seoul 
  Partner: Social Welfare Corporation Happy Creation 

 Myanmar: – Ayyerwadi River, flowing into the Andaman Sea 
 Partner: Fukui Japan - Myanmar Friendship Society (Fukui-ken) 

Expected outcome
 The project will build community-level environmental conservation leadership
 and capacities for living in harmony with nature with 110 local environmental
 leaders to be enrolled for capacity building in the Earth Colleges in each 
 project location, starting with 30 Earth College ‘students’ in Japan in the
 first year. This will result in the establishment of a network of 60 people in
 the five countries committed to promoting community-level environment education
 in the Asian region.

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ActivityReports…Project areas/Partners

Japan   Plenary Meeting Report
Asuwa river/Partnership Center

South Korea
Hann river/Social Welfare Corporation Happy Creation

Oruhon River/NPO Forester

Ayyerwadi River/Myanmar Friendship Society (Fukui-ken)

China(Zhejiang Province)中 国(浙江省) July 2009   Jan 2010
Qiantang Jiang river/Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Association

China(Inner Mongolia)
Yellow river/Preparatory committee for establishing the Eco-school

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