Update on Innner Mongolia project activity
Project title: Establishing a regional environment education network in cooperation with national partners and covering five Asian countries

Implementing organization: NPO Corporation Partnership Center, Japan

9. January 2010

Report of NPO representativefs mission to Inner Mongolia

NPO Corporation Partnership Center representative (Youhei Ueno) visited the East Ujimqin administrative 
division of Xilingol prefecture in Chinafs Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 17 to 19 hours on  
2 nd August 2009 to meet with representatives of the partner organization and discuss modalities for 
establishing the Earth College in Inner Mongolia and the practical environment education curriculum.

List of participants at the preparatory meeting 

A total of 12 people attended the meeting 

EHasugowa, Head of the partner organization, gPreparatory Committee for Establishing the Eco-schoolh
EA government official
ELocal business representative 
EHotel owner 
EChildren from local school
EYouhei Ueno, Representative of NPO Partnership Corporation Center      

Content of discussions  

There was much support for the NPOfs initiative in promoting environmental awareness among children. 
The representative of the partner organization  said the Earth College should be located in a convenient
 place, preferably a town as Inner Mongolia has a vast and difficult terrain. It was mentioned that at 
present not enough attention is being given to the river ecology. Inner Mongolia has problems of 
over-grazing and land erosion and desertification is increasing in many areas. This has reduced ground
 water levels and contributed to water pollution. All this highlights the importance of promoting the 
importance of environmental conservation among the young generation, starting from childhood. It would
 be a cause for concern if local leadership capacities were not developed to guide efforts towards
 restoring the ecological health. Another cause for worry is the growing pollution of the Neringoru
 River and the Orugai River in East Ujimquin in Xilingol, because of rapid industrial development
 in the area in recent years. Environmental regulations for industries prepared by the central 
government are being disregarded.

The head of Preparatory Committee for Establishing the Eco-school, the partner organization, is 
working for the enterprise in Dalian The enterprise had expressed keen interest in the outcome of
 the meeting to establish the Earth College and wants to support the endeavour. It was mentioned that
 the Earth College would benefit from the participation and cooperation of local people. 

The children present also showed keen interest in the initiative. 

It was mentioned that Earth College would have to be organized by the Eco-School which itself is still
 to be established by the Preparatory Committee.@

First meeting on Inner Mongolia project

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