Update on Myanmar project activity
Project title:Establishing a regional environment education network in cooperation with national partners and covering five Asian countries

Implementing organization:NPO Corporation Partnership Center, Japan


Myanmar activity report

 In preparation for initiating the project activities in Myanmar, three meetings 
 were held on 9 May, 5 July and 9 September 2009. 

 The meetings were attended by Mr Hiroki Agehara, Mr Kunio Hida and Mr Tadashi,Tano 
 of the Fukui Japan-Myanmar Friendship Society (Fukui-ken), and Ms Kinu Tsuji and 
 Ms Hideko Tsjui of the NPO Corporation Partnership Center. 

 Fukui-ken, which is the local partner organization for the Myanmar project, 
 recommended the name of Ms Khin Latt, a former primary and junior high school teacher 
 from Myanmar as the local focal point for the Myanmar project and Ms Latt attended the 
 second meeting with his husband, Mr. Jinemon Tatta on 5 July in Fukui city. 
 Ms Khin Latt will also participate in the project plenary meeting in Japan to be held 
 on 23 and 24 November 2009.

 The second meeting discussed modalities for initiating the project in Myanmar and 
 agreed that project activities would start near the Ayyerwadi River. 
 At the third meeting it was suggested that the NPO consult the Embassy of Myanmar in 
 Tokyo and the Japanese embassy in Myanmar. 

 Following up on this, on 31 August, Ms Hideko Tsuji, Regional Coordinator of the 
 NPO visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo. On the ministry’s advice, 
 Ms Tsuji, accompanied by Mr Hiroshi Agehara of the Fukui Japan-Myanmar Friendship 
 Society (Fukui-ken) visited the Embassy of Myanmar in Tokyo on 10 September to seek 
 the Myanmar's government's advice on initiating the project in the country.

 After obtaining the Myanmar embassy’s views on the project proposal, NPO Partnership 
 Center has begun initiating contacts with local and Japanese NGOs working in Myanmar.

Follow up meeting on Myanmar project (July 5, 2009)

At the Myanmar embassy in Tokyo (September 10, 2009)

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